RFID UHF Jewelry Tags

  • Description:
  • This Jewelry adhesive label is complaint with EPC C1G2 (ISO18000-6C) standard, operating frequency is 860~960MHz (It can be used worldwide).Each tag has a unique ID and stores user data.
    The Jewelry adhesive label is designed for use in jewelry and small items applications where the tag may be in close proximity to small metal or metallic coated objects.
  • Physical Features:
    Model                            RC9017                Name          UHF Jewelry Sticker Tag
    Material                        PET                      Dimensions           68*13mm
    Working Temp       -20℃~+75℃    Storage Temp       0℃~+25℃
  • RFID Features:
    RFID Standard: EPC C1G2 (ISO18000-6C)
    Frequency: 860~960MHz
    Chip Type: Impinj Monza 5
    EPC Memory: 128 bits
  • Read Range: 902-928 MHz 3.0-5.0m
                               865-868 MHz 3.0-5.0m
  • Other Features:
    Data Storage: > 10 years
    Re-write: 100,000 times
    Installation: Adhesive
    Customization: Printing,Encoding,Encryption,etc
  • Application: Jewelry Security management,
                               Glasses Control Tracking,
                                Bag Tracking management, etc.

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