UHF PCB Pallet Tag

  • Description:
    This is a cost effective and reliable tag ,made of FR4 and IP rated IP68 for high reliability and durability in many types of environments including outdoor environment.Mainly designed for plastic and wood pallet tracking.
    This tag is also suitable for identifying similar plastic and wooden items.
  • Physical Features:
    Model                  RCP8007                   Name                      UHF PCB Pallet Tag
    Material               FR-4                          Dimensions             110*9.6*1.2mm
    Working Temp   -20~+75℃          Survival Temp          -40~+150℃
    IP Rate                   IP68                          Weight                         2.4g
  • RFID Features:
    RFID Standard EPC C1G2 (ISO18000-6C)
    Chip Type Impinj Monza 4QT/4E
    User Memory 512 bits/128 bits
    EPC Memory 128 bits/496bits
    Read Range 902-928 MHz 9-10 meters
    865-868 MHz 7-10 meters
  • Other Features:
    Data Storage > 10 years
    Re-write 100,000 times
    Installation Screw,Rivet or Adhesive
    Customization Encoding,Other size,etc
  • Application Wooden pallet identification
    Non-metal assets management
    Plastic pallet tracking
    High temperature asset tracking 

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